I am at heart a writer. I freelance as a technical writer and trainer; write novels and stories; edit and publish for a small press; and support all of that via website design.

My favourite work (and play!) blends both right brain and left brain activity, structure and creativity.

Technical Writing

I work as a content developer and trainer for Larmer Brown. I specialise in UPK, CAPA, Claro, and Microsoft Office – and I love the Oxford comma.

My small business Opportunity Consulting Ltd was launched in 2007.

The business name was inspired by the song ‘Opportunity’ by Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray.

Fiction Writing

I write novels and stories, both fiction and romance, contemporary and historical – mainly featuring LGBTQ+ characters. The most popular of my novels so far are Butterfly Hunter and The Definitive Albert J. Sterne. I love reading, too.

All good writing tells a story, whether it’s fact or fiction – good writing uses narrative to convey information to the reader as clearly and effectively as possible.

What story do you need to tell…?

Editing and Publishing

I am a partner with Manifold Press, which I help run, and I share the responsibilities for editing our titles to high standards. I am particularly proud of our charity anthology A Pride of Poppies, which was shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society’s Indie Award 2016

Life in all the colours of the rainbow…


This is another passion of mine. I have been a keen amateur photographer for many years, and have taken a variety of classes in photography at school and college level.

Capturing the light and the moment.

Web Design

Designing and building websites brings together all of the above interests, and feeds back into them as well! I used to take on external clients in web design, though I have now limited this side of my business to ‘in-house’ clients, with a few just for fun.

  • Professional Coaching International – my first major web design client – an international coaching business boasting ‘tier one’ clients
  • Amgalant – a writerly blog I set up for my sister, Bryn Hammond, who writes about Chinggis Khan and the Mongols
  • Merlin Locations – my site exploring the beautiful filming locations used by the BBC show Merlin
  • with love seventy ways – my site in honour of the marvellous actor Rupert Young

I am a big believer in WordPress, which can help give anyone a beautiful and functional site.

Code is poetry!

Thank you for reading.

Opportunity Consulting Limited is registered in England and Wales with company number 6168651, and VAT number 910431472. The registered address is 2 Branagh Court, Reading RG30 2QX.

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